Slots Machines Guide for Newbies and Pros

Thanks to Charles Fey, all gamblers around the world have a chance to check their luck playing slots games; thanks to the Internet, they can do it at online casinos. It is difficult to believe, that just a decade ago online gambling was so rare event that most of casino lovers had never even heard about it! But today you can play slots any moment you want you – all you need is turn on your computer with Internet access.

Today everybody understands that slots are the game of fortune and its work is based on random number generator. Understanding of the work of random number generator is probably the most complicated part in slots machine gambling, but lucky we are, we so not need to understand all the mechanism of RNG work, it will be enough for average player to know, that RNG is responsible for choosing of the symbols and nothing can affect it. All other slot machine rules are not difficult to understand, and a lot easier to use.

If you want to be successful play, we advise you not only to follow the recommendations on gambling, but also, try out different methods, which are aimed to help you to save your money and good mood. These strategies, which are used in slots and other games of chance, are called money management strategies. No, they won’t help you to win more and using them you won’t influence the result of RNG, but they will protect you and your money from failure. But if you want to get some recommendations on game itself – check out game tips which will definitely help you!


Top List of Online Casinos

Slots Plus USA Casino

1st Bonus: $555;
Matching: 200%;
Software: RTG

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English Harbour Casino

1st Bonus: $100;
Matching: 225%;
Software: VT

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Cherry Red Casino

1st Bonus: $150;
Matching: 300%;
Software: RTG

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Rome Casino

1st Bonus: $100;
Matching: 50%;
Software: TG

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Rules of Slots

The rules of slots games are not difficult to understand though they can differ a lot depending on a slots variation and casino.


Jackpots of Slots

What is a jackpot in slots and what are your chances to get it gambling slots online and in land-based gambling houses?


Video Slots or Reel Slots: What is Your Choice?

The question is the following: what are the advantages of video slots and why should gamblers try them if they are aware of classic slots and play them successfully? Well, sometimes it is a bit boring to play the same game all the time, is not it? That is why it is always good to find something new to play. Moreover, people say, that new players are always lucky. Maybe, there is a reason to play new games each time! Choosing video slots, you can play different game every time! Video slots are a great combination of slots and poker: read slot machines tips to understand why it would be nice to try beating this game of chance! And discover the differences between video and reel slots here.

And one more thing which can be interesting for those, who want to start playing video slots. They usually offer a great variety of themes, so you can find games with the themes, which attract you most of all, starting from the popular blockbusters and up to the slots, which are based at the computer games.