Privacy Statement

The Our Website is quite new. However, it comes with a timeless goal: to aid in educated users online. Specifically, this website wants to teach its readers about playing slots, choosing casinos online, and to give them information about several popular slots games online.

Our Website loves to hear reader comments, questions and helpful suggestion. Naturally, we will attempt to respond to emails fast, but do not wonder why it takes a long time sometimes. Try not to send another email while waiting. If you want to send spam, no response will be given to you at all.

The Privacy Policy

Our Website ensures that user privacy stands as top priority. While using the website, you might give out information (like your email addresses); however, this information is going to be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We do not send, share or sell user information to other parties, people, or companies, no matter what.

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Take note that every privacy policy here can be changed without prior notice. If you have clarifying comments or questions, just email us.

The Laws of Gambling

This website exists for slots players online and worldwide for free. While gambling online is legal within a lot of regions and countries, it would still be your sole responsibility to find out if you can play online slots legally. Ensure that you check your local, national, and regional laws and other law restrictions that might apply prior to taking part in any kind of gambling activity online.

Sots.net, along with its operators, owners, and affiliates cannot be held responsible for illegal or unlawful activities, and it would be strongly discouraged for anyone to break the law. Additionally, we cannot be held responsible for losses incurred while gambling illegally or legally. Online slots always come with risks, but it would be your responsibility to accept and understand those risks prior to taking part in activities of gambling to begin with.