Mobile Casino Slots

During the ancient times casinos were only in the form of land casinos. Thanks to internet casinos came right to your home and playing at casinos whenever you wanted was possible from the cozy confines of your home or office at your laptop or PC. In a bid to make things more simple technology has now brought casinos to your mobiles in the form of mobile casino. Now no need to sit in front of your PC, play casino games even when standing in a queue or in any free time you get as your mobile is always there with you.


The concept of mobile casino games from the fact that people spend hours on their mobiles playing games that do not even earn them a penny and still have them addicted. So why not develop games on which people can actually earn money. This was the stepping stone for developing mobile casino games. It was some three years back when the first casino game called Wild Jack in 2006 for mobiles was conceptualized.

All mobile phones are pre-installed with the required software and technicalities for playing these games so you can easily start playing without any further help. You can now play all the popular casino games like Black Jack, Roulette, Slot games etc from your mobiles. With passage of time the number of games that can be played is growing steadily.

Initial response

Initially when mobile casino games were launched the response was not too great as the processing speed of mobiles was not up to the mark and the person playing the game could not really enjoy it much. But as technology grew and the software in mobiles became more and more sophisticated this problem was successfully rectified in 2009 and the industry showed a steady growth. As it is online transfer of funds is not a problem so now there are many mobile devices that are compatible with mobile casino games.

Future expectations

The future of the industry is considered to be very bright as mobiles are easier to access than PC's and surveys show that mobile customers are increasing year after year that shall automatically increase the mobile casino players too.

Minimum requirements

All you need in your mobile to play these casino games is a WAP enabled mobile with the required WAP software. Also have software like Microgaming or Playtech that are casino games software uploaded on your mobile. And your mobile is ready for playing online casino games.

There is absolutely no difference in rules or strategies. Play the game just like you would otherwise on your mobile. The server is absolutely secured and the experience is very similar to playing in a real casino.