Video Slots vs. Reel Machines

Online casino slot games are generally found to be video slot games. These games vary from the classic slot games that we are familiar with. The difference is in the number of reels they have. Classic slot games are known to have 3 reels whereas video slot games are known to have 5 reels.

Video and classic slots

Video slots have multiple payline slots that may range from 9-25 but in some cases may go to 100 too. Each payline is your betting option. Click on the numbers corresponding to a payline you make your bet known. The listing of the payline is vertical and is placed along the reel. In case of multiple payline slots the paylines can also be placed in a zigzag manner across all the reels.

Choose the quantity of coins to be wagered, the denomination of the coin, the paylines number and the total wager comes up to be a multiple of 3. Only the paylines you select are finally matched with the payout table leaving aside the rest of the paylines.

Payout table

All the winning combinations are listed clearly on the payout table. If your selected payline matches with the winning combinations on the payout table you win. On the payout table against the combinations the winning amount is also mentioned that tells you how much you win when you get a particular combination. Say the amount for the winning combination is $100 and you had wagered 3 coins. In this case you get $300. The amount won per payline will be independent of the previous payout.

Video slots have some unique symbols that are referred to as "multipliers" and "wild symbols". Wild symbol is like a blank card that can be matched with any combination to make the winning combination. However there are some restrictions on the usage of wild symbols that would be clearly stated on the rules that you should know before you commence playing.

Multipliers are used to augment the payouts that a payout table pays you. The usage of this too is clearly stated in the rules and may differ from one game to another. I video slot games you may make use of another technique other than a winning combination to earn money. There are some payline combinations that have bonus games as a prize. These bonus games are played on another screen apart from the one you are playing on. These games offer credits that get deposited in your account. Some payline combinations may help you get free spins too for which you can make a spin without wagering any coin.