Online Slots Types

In addition to graphics and colorful lights on slot machines, they differ in mode of playing. Machines commonly used are described as under.

Video slot machine

These are of the latest pattern of slot machine designs. Initially they were introduced in 1985 and have gained a lot of popularity since then. For betting, these machines run up to maximum of 50 lines. They aim at widening range of play, entertain players and make them take higher bets.

These games rely on random numbers generators for determining where reel stops and also for determining the symbols to be played. Playing on video slots will be more expensive than standard reel machine. After gaining popularity, many more pay lines have been added in the games and increasing number of coins for playing at each specific line. Generally there are nine lines in slot machines and varying number of coins is played on each line. This shows wide variety in betting behavior.

Reel slots

These machines are popularly called "one arm bandit ". Non video machines have three or five reels which are manipulated by machine for determining outcome of games. Reel slots have mechanical system inside and that is activated by release of player's arm.

Multiplier slot

These machines have particular pay out for every group. The coins played multiply pay out. This is not the case in other machines in which the amount played leads to different amount of pay out. If 5 coins are played by machine for 3 lemons on playing one coin, it will pay 10 for second coin and fifteen for three coins.

Bonus multipliers

These machines function in the same manner as in multiplier except that bonus is offered on playing maximum coins and hitting the jackpot. For one coin three seven's may give one thousand and two thousand for two coins. Maximum points for bet could be 10000.

Pay slot machine

These machines don't have good reputation but are profitable for a wise gamer. These are the most misunderstood machines in casinos. Different payout is activated by each coin. Thus it necessitates betting of maximum coins by the player to get largest jackpot. It offers higher payoff for higher bets.

If more penny machines are played, all bonus features will get activated. These machines give maximum play time to ensure that if you are ahead, you should quit and use another machine for playing.

Progressive slot machine

These machines take a percentage of amounts played on particular machines and that money is added to pool which becomes jackpot. You should play top bet in these machines.

Never play progressive slot other than maximum pay. Many players loose due to short coin play. This leads to mental stress and exit from casino for disregarding rules or claiming false jackpot.