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  1. All the content of this website are copyrighted by the name of this website and a visitor who wants to use these content has to use it only for personal use because using these content for commercial use is illegal and if anyone does so, this website will take necessary steps to stop him or her.
  2. All the online services of this website like the gaming services online and also the use of its services without limitations, download area, functional communications, gaming products information and many other services that are provided to you by this website or other resources that are owned by this website or they are authorized by this website will also follow the terms and user agreements of this website.

How to Agree with the Terms to Use the Website

  1. You have to make sure that online gaming law of your location are completely followed by you and online gaming is illegal in your location before using this website and complete your registration. If you break any law by registering here then you will be responsible for that not us.
  2. You have to be over 18 years old to register and use of this website. For getting any services of this website, and for playing the games and placing bets on any game, you must have that age. If you provide wrong information about your age, address, or name is illegal and we will disclose that account if find any wrong or false information so never give any false information and if your location has higher age to play casino games then you have to get that age to register in this website.
  3. We are committed to provide the players the highest quality services we produce and we are providing these services to our players: the links to the GamCare, the self-exclusion tools, awareness information, tools to stop underage use. If you want, you can cancel your registration from this website any time you want.
  4. You have to check the terms to use of this website regularly because we are continually changing the terms and you can get the most updated terms from the page of Terms and User agreement and this page is highlighted in the front page of the website. If you use this website continuously then we will inform you when we make a change in the existing terms of the website.