Play and Run Strategy

"Play and Run" tactic is the best approach to find a slot machine suitable for you. It means that you play your game on a slot machine and wait for the results. If the results are not favorable switch the slot machine.


This strategy is especially aimed at players who come to gamble on a shoe string budget. The only aim is to get to a slot machine that makes you win. Suppose you play on a slot machine that isn't delivering good results then lower the losses by switching machines. This can be done by dividing your total budget amongst all the slot machines and then playing your chances. Say $100 gets divided into $10 each amongst 10 slot machines.

Now set a naked pull limit for yourself i.e. how many times would you spin on the machine devoid of winning. Also set a loss limit that should be a % of your total budget reaching which you shall leave your machine for another one. Set reasonable limits but adhere to them.

If your budget is quite modest then go to machines that accept lower denominations as the starting amount say in cents and not dollars. It is advisable to limit your play to one coin at one point of time. This number should not increase depending on your previous spins too.


Just opt to pay 20 spins per machine. If by the time you have played 20 spins your credit has improved then you can continue to play on the same machine or else change the machine. Always have the limits you set for yourself at the back of your mind. In case you end up reaching your limit prior to playing 20 spins dump the machine and make a switch. If you have made profits you should first cash out and then start fresh with new limits set.

What to avoid

  • Do not play on loan as one can never predict ho large your losses are going to be.
  • Do not stop playing when winning; continue till you stop winning.
  • There is no room for emotions or gut feeling here.
  • Stick to the strategy and limits and contain your losses greatly.