Rules of Slots

Slot games too have their own set of rules of play like all other casino games. These rules are to make your play more comfortable and to augment your scope for winning.

Cirrus Casino

Cirrus Casino is one online casino that has a slight variance in the rules for slot games. This variation is only in the benefit of the players as it makes their play more fun and exciting. But be sure that before you commence playing you have thoroughly gone through all the rules and regulations especially if you are aiming for the high bonus or some great prizes to be sure that you are eligible for them.

Slot games rules

Online slot games have the rule that they would payout a preset % of the total amount bet on them by the players. However there is a lower limit to the amount paid too and the casino cannot pay you below that. Depending on the casino the limit is generally between 75-98%. Ensure you check the % before commencing play.

Loose Online Slot Games

Those slots that have a higher % of return are referred to as "loose online slot games". You can expect a % of return between 94-98%. Online casinos may take this as high as 99.99% to attract players in hordes.

Tight Online Slot Games

Those slots that have a lower % of return are referred to as "tight online slot games". Although the payouts are lower comparatively you should not shun them thinking you wont win much here. You can expect some great jackpots here. The payout return may be small but the jackpot more than makes up for the smaller return.

Paylines and Reels

Compared to mechanical slots online slots have a greater number of paylines and reels that may go as high as 50 paylines and 5 reels. The higher the paylines the better are your chance of winning. Cirrus casino has some mind blowing bonus that you can win by playing slots here.