Bankroll Management Strategy

While playing at any slot machine the two factors that affect your winning are firstly the time duration of your play and secondly the duration till when you are able to sustain the money you set out to play with.

Obviously the money you start with is important but more than that is how long you are able to sustain it. But don't think that just by stretching your play time you shall be able to make some great wins. In fact you need to play judiciously and sensibly with proper budgeting to avoid over-spending or landing up in debt. Have a look at some methods you may use to budget your expense at slot machines.

Setting a bankroll

Set aside a definite amount for your play session, don't just start playing without any budget. How long the session lasts can vary from hours to days. Set aside a limit for the amount you are mentally prepared to lose in your play and the minute you reach your limit cease all play.

Slot games are to be played by sensible adults who have the discipline and self control to stop when the need arises. If you can't then the game is not for you. You should understand that by unlimited play you may be putting yours and your family's livelihood at stake and it is not worth it. Learn the art of retracing when the time demands or abstain from playing on slot games.

Irrespective of the time you are intending to play, set an amount that can be AFFORDED to be lost. Whether the play is for a night, a week or a month, budgeting is a prerequisite for playing slot games. There is no set formula for calculating how much you should set aside as the amount may vary from one person to another. Say you have planned to spend $150 for a nigh out with friends after the casino, and then you may say that $150 is your limit.

After you set your limit you may either further budget it down to the amount to be spent per game or just spend the amount and walk out when it's gone. Obviously the second method is dicey as you may tend to lose account of the amount you are spending and may overspend. So the bottom line is to visit the casino only with your limit and come out when all that money is gone.

If you are methodical you may carry a notepad and a pen to track all your win and losses to know exactly the direction in which you are heading. Even if you are playing with an extravagant budget do remember that even the richest can become paupers if they play without proper accounting.