Pattern Style Strategy

Pattern strategy is quite similar to "Umbrella Strategy "(Which is being for online casino slots). This is used by irrespective of bankroll. This can be tailored to suit the players. It can suit a belligerent player or even an old fashioned player because they can change their period of betting at every stage of the pattern. While using this pattern, always stick to it and increase bets. A few spins should be bet at "max bet" and bet should be decreased again.

As per umbrella strategy, betting in casino slots should increase number of coins gradually and decrease again.

The correct pattern would differ in staggers coin account and length but basic pattern would remain the same. Some factors which may affect betting patterns are:

  • How belligerent or old fashioned player is playing.
  • How much he desires to gamble.
  • His available bankroll

Betting pattern

Betting pattern in Umbrella Strategy is always completed before beginning game. You must start low, increase the bet and decrease again. You must do this slowly over long period or with reasonable run with maximum coins before reducing it.

Numbers of spins are limited in each pattern for every player with maximum coins. By this, the strategy is able to limit the money which can be lost if maximum coins are played for a long time. The players can even play more traditional pattern of this strategy provided they are playing online casino slot. It indicates that low coin spins should be played before gradually increasing to maximum coin spins.

One may resort to maximum amount of betting for less spins or may be for more number of spins. But you should not continue for long or else you would defeat the very purpose of system. Remember to stop the game and walk away from machine, if you have hit limits of loss.